The one and only inbox for all your approvals.

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Accelerate processes and simplify decision making is the one stop solution for all your approvals that integrates with your existing applications so you never miss an important approval again.


Flood of approvals from various applications.

Decision makers are flooded by approvals.


Decision makers have various apps and receive hundreds of mails per day. How should they know which item require actions? Even worse, notification mails asking for approvals look different in every application and eventually they get lost in the mail inbox.


Slow approvals lead to slow processes which can be costly. Late fees, waiting team members or unmet compliance rules is not something you should deal with.


Decision makers need to approve in various applications that all look different. Especially, in corporate environments often these applications are not even available on smartphones. Complex screens and different user experiences lead to a frustrating experience.
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One consolidated inbox for all your approvals.

One consolidated inbox for all your approvals.


Push notifications (think of WhatsApp) keep you always up to date and you can approve with only a few taps. Even if you don't have a proper connection you can approve your locally cached work items which will be synchronized once you are online again.

Central provides a one stop shop with instant access to approvals across multiple applications including SAP, SharePoint, and Salesforce. Custom applications can of course be easily integrated as well and a counter on your homescreen always shows how many approvals are pending.


Why should enterprise apps feel different than consumer apps? A sleek and modern interface that doesn't distract from the important things will make you feel comfortable right from the beginning.
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Featured Integrations

We offer integrations out of the box for the applications below which you can use with minimal configuration.
  • Pull Requests
  • Workday
  • Requisitions
    SAP Ariba
  • Expense Reports
    SAP Concur
  • Customer Requests
    Atlassian Jira
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